Franchise Coaching

In addition to all the benefits of our One-to-One Business Coaching program outlined above, we are uniquely positioned based on our experience as former franchise owners to assist you with the unique challenges that owning a franchise business presents.

Our founder and lead coach, Patrick Hanley, successfully launched, grew and sold a franchise business in Dallas, TX from 2004 – 2008. That experience gave Patrick an immense empathy and knowledge to help other franchise owners in their quest for financial freedom. By utilizing many of the strategies he had learned over his years of personal growth and development, plus business experience….and by hiring a coach himself, he was able to grow that franchise into one of the most successful units in the system, gaining top 5 ranking status with 3 years and eventually selling the business himself without the assistance of a broker for a multiple return on investment.

While still considered a small business, franchise owners face some very unique challenges that Patrick is familiar with. Whether your challenge is sales and revenue growth, to being creative outside of the system parameters to grow our unit, to hiring great people and putting a team in place to run the business for you, to preparing the business for eventual sale so that you can get a return and move on to the next stage of your life…Patrick is uniquely qualified to deliver the expertise you need at any stage of your franchise business. He has a unique passion for this niche and would love to hear from you about the current strengths and weaknesses you are dealing with so that together you can create an action plan for success that’s in line with you long-term goals.