No Cost “Profits and Performance” Strategy Session
In this fast paced session you will receive a value-packed analysis of the challenges that are sabotaging your business profits and performance, a clear road map for what’s possible in your business, and a customized strategy to help you increase your profits and take the performance of yourself, your team and your company to the highest levels. You owe it to yourself and your company to request this no obligation session today LEARN MORE

One-to-One Business Coaching Program
Are you ready to get the results you really want from your business? If you want to increase your profits, put a solid team in place to run your business and get your time back to live the life you had in mind when you started your business, this is the program for you LEARN MORE

Franchise Coaching Program
Have you ever felt like that instead of buying a franchise you really just bought yourself a really expensive job? Do you own your franchise business or does it own you? As former franchise owners, we are uniquely positioned to assist you with the unique challenges that franchisees face in their day-to-day quest for entrepreneurial freedom. If you want to end the frustration, gain some control back and really thrive vs. survive as a franchise owner, then this is the program for you LEARN MORE

Group Coaching
From time-to-time NobleHeart Coaching offers group coaching programs on a variety of topics impacting both traditional business ownership and franchise ownership. In addition, Patrick can facilitate CEO or Owner Peer Coaching programs per your requirements. He is a dynamic speaker and communicator and would love to hear what your needs are and create a custom proposal to meet those needs and deliver the results that you are looking for. You can communicate with him using the Contact links on this site for more information on customized coaching programs or to ask any questions that you have. LEARN MORE