NobleHeart Coaching was born out of the idea that every person, every business owner has a unique, noble dream and vision that only they can achieve, something that is unique to the individual that must be expressed to impact the world, their own vision and their family and community.  Many business owners launch their business with this dream in mind, passionate about achieving their goals and vision….it’s the reason they started what they are doing in the first place. Over time, and not for any fault of the business owner, that dream can get buried, thrown in the drawer like an old business plan as the pressures, concern and stress of building a successful business take their toll. What was once a vibrant passion to make an impact turns into a “survival mode” type existence to just get by and make the best of it.

The founder of NobleHeart Coaching, Patrick Hanley, gets this, he understands your world because he’s lived it…multiple times. The highs and lows of business ownership in terms of your finances and emotions can be extreme. It takes a strong, courageous business owner to raise their hand and say, “I need some assistance to help me get back on track, rekindle the passion and accomplish what I set out to do in the beginning”. We applaud that and are ready to assist you if there is a mutual fit for working together.

As a business coaching firm that is all about helping you achieve your business and financial goals at BOTH the professional and the personal level, we know that Passion is more than just a “nice feeling to have if you can find it”….we believe that Passion is a competitive advantage, and we want to meet you wherever you’re at to revive your Passion or take it to an entirely new level.  Great companies are made up of great people. To grow your business, ultimately, you have to commit to growing yourself personally as the leader. We are here to serve you and assist you in doing the great acts that you were put on this earth to accomplish. Thank you for getting to know us and what we’re all about, we look forward to getting to know you as well.

The Four Most Important Things You Need to Know About Patrick…


1.  Founder & President of NobleHeart Coaching (2008 to Present)
Has worked with dozens of small to mid-sized privately held, family owned, and franchise business owners, successfully coaching and teaching them how to rapidly and dramatically increase their profitability and cash flow, simultaneously building talented teams to run the business for them and get their time back. Patrick‘s track record of success combined with world class systems and distinctions has resulted in client quarterly revenue increases as much as 600%, healthy re-structuring of teams and roles resulting in a 200% increase in sales growth, targeted strategic planning that resulted in 100% of quarterly goals reached consistently, impacts to owners time freeing up 15 hours per week, and bottom line increases in profitability in excess of 240%.

2.  Top Ranked Franchise Owner and Entrepreneur (2004 – 2008)
Successfully launched, built and eventually sold a thriving remanufactured inkjet and laser toner franchise business for a multiple return on investment in less than 4 years. Utilized expert skills in sales, relationship development, superior customer service standards and innovative approaches for creating new revenue streams to quickly fuel six-figure revenues.  Ranked #1 in year-to-year sales growth by Franchisor and consistently ranked in the top 5 stores system-wide within first two years. Successfully sold a growing business unit for largest amount in system history to a new buyer, handling all aspects of the transaction and ownership transition including training.


3.  Accomplished Corporate Executive & Sales Leader (1989 – 2004)
Over a 15 year period, pioneered and led multiple entrepreneurial business units across multiple industries including industrial, energy, software & technology. In roles ranging from sales, sales management, new business development and vice president, Patrick opened new markets, led teams and grew 3 businesses that sold for in excess of $30million.  Results included, increasing unit revenues from 0 to $1.8 million per month in 2 ½ years, orchestrating a lucrative 7 year contract for metering valued at $9mil over the term, pioneering and growing a profitable natural gas unit to $2mil mo revenue in 3 yrs, and launching a successful software venture that was eventually sold.

4.  Passionate Family Man and Lifetime Learner  (1994 to Present)
Very happily married to Stacey, an accomplished physician and even more accomplished mother, with whom he is raising two children, Nate and Abby. Voracious reader of titles on business leadership and management, sales and marketing, personal growth, teamwork, mindset, politics, philosophy and spirituality. Avid fisherman, hunter, sports enthusiast and music lover.  Loves sports and activities with his two kids and enjoys great food, board games, journaling, movies and spending time with his family! Twenty-three + years relevant experience as businessman and entrepreneur. BBA in Marketing – University of Oklahoma, multiple Coach Certifications and numerous other sales, marketing and business training courses completed and implemented.